About me

Hello, I'm Charbel. I'm a hobbyist game developer and programmer. Welcome to my Website. Since 2019 I've been working on projects. I've made this website in order to practice HTML and CSS, but also, to have a kind of portfolio, I think so... Anyways, you can check some stuff I made in my stuff page. Have a nice day!

Social feed

You can find me at this websites (Some project updates can be also found in these):


This website has been made primarily with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But here are some things that can be useful for when developing websites:

Sublime Text - Pretty comfortable, it's interface is simple and light so you won't require a good pc to use it.

W3Schools - Mostly it has basic things, but it is a great help to learn to program and design web pages. Also, the image slideshow code comes from there.