Released: July 25, 2021

Help Heggbert proteggc the Egg in the center of the abandoned military zone. Use a variety of weapons to accomplish this mission and avoid the Egg from being destroyed by the Military and some unknown, cubic and funny Species.

This is the unique game I've ever made for a Game Jam (Newgrounds Egg Jam 2021). Made in like three-two days, this game was used in order to practice and experiment with the current game engine I'm using. This game is base of what a I call a new project that will grab Heggbert lore into something different, but still careggtaking an Egg, further information in 2023, or I hope so.

The game won't be updated (I'M AWARE YOU CAN'T PLAY AFTER THE SHOP TIME, I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT PLAYTESTING WAS BACK THEN I'M SORRY X'D), but you can always play it at or Newgrounds.

Play Proteggc at Newgrounds original release

Play Proteggc at